The cleaning method developed by Proteco Machines involves a cleaning machine suspended from a building roof at a special re-adjusted crane with a rope winch (for buildings with an open roof) or a special system for moving platforms along a building facade on mono-rails. A cleaning machine by means of this winch moves “up-down” while cleaning elements (roller brushes and/or horizontally-operated brushes) clean building facades. Nozzles mounted over brushes sprinkle surfaces with deionized water supplied from a water deionisation station located at a building roof.

Lautus I

Our LAUTUS I is equipped with a system to dispense two types of chemicals (depending on a cleaning cycle). Changing the type of chemical may be performed at any time and at any height of the machine operation. It enables to cover building facades with specialised chemicals which change their surface tension and prevent disposition of impurities.

The construction of LAUTUS I makes it possible to equip it with extra functionalities such as: additional horizontal brushes to thoroughly clean horizontal depressions and obstacles, drying of building facades by blowing water out of facade slots, extra cleaning of building inner edges by means of an additional terminal brush.